Commercial Solar Panels

Business owners in Illinois and the rest of the USA are briskly moving towards renewables, especially the solar energy for unlimited, near-free electricity without hurting the nature and national economy.

Commercial solar panels reduce up to 60% in yearly electricity bills and offer fastest return on investment. At Unity Solar Group, our engineers, technicians, and designers survey, procure, and implement the best packages available for commercial entities in the United States.

Also, our consultants will find the right way for your business to grow more while cutting down on electricity costs with efficient solar systems. Ping us now to get free consultation sessions and affordable solar solutions for your business.

Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels

Why Us?

USG has been around in the solar industry for 14 years with hundreds of successful completions in commercial and residential projects. Our installers are licensed, bonded, and insured to seamlessly set up or repair commercial solar systems in the least possible timeframe.

Moreover, the entire solar systems are custom-manufactured with reliable performance and 25-year firm-provided warranty during the system’s lifespan. Our engineers ensure immaculate design and engineering works that looks great and works well in a business facility.

The final ground works are then completed impeccably by experienced installers and technicians. In addition, USG offer semi-yearly panel maintenance plans for consumers at market-beating rates.

Installation Plans for Commercial Solar Panels

Choose your favorite solar from our several installation packages, whichever seems viable according to your native state regulations regarding commercial solar energy systems. The packages offered by USG include upfront one-time purchases, leasing, and power purchase agreements in compliance to state laws regarding solar installations.

Solar panels also add value to your business with tax breaks and financial incentives by the respective state governments in the USA. Also, the turnovers will be better in the long run. As the state-provided energy prices fluctuate frequently, solar system pricing will stay constant for the lifetime with one-time costs endured, resulting in heftier gains in future for your business.

The upfront purchase price is lowest if adequate financing is available with buyers. Everything will be done within a month or lesser, from surveying to design and installation. The power purchase agreements require documentations with permits requiring consumers to install commercial solar system without paying any upfront costs. All you need to do is asking the government to buy solar system for you and return installation and operational costs later to the company.

Ask our consultants anytime for free advice and queries regarding how PPAs actually work for your business. USG will cover all the associated expenses when drafting the agreement on equity basis.