Residential Solar Design and Installation

Unity Solar Residential Solar Design and Installation

Step up your energy needs with green and clean solar energy for homes with Unity Solar Residential solar panels. Our solar panels and accompanying equipment are more efficient and sustainable than anyone else in Illinois. With extensive 14 years’ industry experience and hundreds of successful projects, Unity Solar Group strives to maximize user convenience with least upfront costs and extended stability.

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First-Rate Services

Moreover, Unity Solar features highly qualified staff supervised by experienced engineers to ensure best execution of your residential solar systems. All the persons involved are qualified professionals with years of experience in design, maintenance, and installation. The panels, batteries, and inverters are carefully selected to deliver first-rate performance to users with maximum efficiency and longevity. Unity Solar also offers 25 years in equipment warranties with affordable semi-yearly maintenance services for homes and residential buildings.

Shorter Payback Time

Unity Solar accepts multiple payment channels i.e., via upfront purchases or financing through banks or the government (if your home state pledges it). We also offer extended flexibility to costs and payback periods in line with respective state laws and regulations. On average, installing a residential solar system would decrease up to 55% in electricity bills for an average user. With USG’s efficient and well-maintained solar systems in sync with net metering, the return on investment would be achieved in a much shorter timeframe than anticipated.

Free Evaluations  

At USG, we offer free cost and design estimation for clients before getting started. Our technicians survey the location and then make measurements to accurately gauge the probable costs and space required for your residential solar system. In addition, our design team develops a computer-aided (CAD) design for the selected rooftop or ground-mounted solar system before advancing to the installation phase. After everything aligns with the physical survey and CAD, we will send a team of engineers and technicians to install the solar system right away.