Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels – What’s the Difference?


Tesla Inc. has always been a forerunner in risky businesses; speak of cryptocurrency or reusable space shuttles. With its genius boss and peoples’ love for his abilities, Tesla manages to win the hearts and pockets of consumers with their latest technology every now and then. The most recent ones have been Tesla solar roofs launched in 2019, which would test the company’s successful record of unveiling workable innovations and delivering customers with utmost ecstasy whilst using these technologies.

Solar Panels

What is a Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla Solar Roof V3 is the most recent update regarding the company’s ambitious solar generation projects. The latest V3 roof tiles have been bigger, sturdier, and more aesthetic than the previous two versions. According to Tesla, these solar roofs will blend in beautifully with any house alongside 24/7 outage protection through its Powerwall battery and software-integrated Tesla inverters. Also, Tesla’s tile warranty is 25 years, which means that the roofs will last for almost three decades.

The tiling aesthetics are carefully considered to blend in with residential buildings, according to Tesla’s official website. Before confirming an order, Tesla says they will perform 3D modeling to meet consumers’ custom design needs. The installation is offered by Tesla professionals in the quickest time possible.

Else, there are many other claims that may make you order Tesla solar roofs at this very moment. Let’s dig in deeper to find out what is in stores from Tesla Solar Tiles to residential consumers.

Tesla Solar Roof vs Solar Panels

Is it worth pre-ordering a $60,000-strong untested technology? The answer could swing either way. If you have been determining costs and output efficiency with a Tesla calculator, it’s a big YES. If you are a safe runner or a test-before-commit type, it could be MAYBE! or a flat NO. Given Tesla’s previous claims regarding future cars, rockets, or sometimes the dogecoins, Elon Musk would surely lift it up to Mars, believe it.

Is it worth it for an average American household? Maybe not. The introductory price is way too expensive, possibly unaffordable for pretty much anyone, unless you own a mansion with a good business, at least. Compared to that, solar panels are for everyone. Buy them readily, install them on a rooftop and get going. They are cheaper, though not as handsome as a Tesla solar tile, and are time-tested, though fragile and less efficient sometimes.


Tesla roofs are designed for homes with a roof pitch ratio from 2:12 to 24:12, which is somewhere around 14 degrees in slope. The design ratio implies that Tesla is not for flat rooftops. However, solar panels are for everywhere, thanks to their racking system which helps them be placed anywhere. If in any way, Tesla comes up with flat paneling, it might damage internal wiring, cause leakages, and whatnot. Presently, solar panels score more in practicality analysis than innovative Tesla Solar Roofs.


Tesla solar roofs cost unbelievably high. Given the probable efficiency rate these tiles would offer and ambiguities regarding their inclusion in the tax credit scheme, Tesla tiles will generate solar energy at $6 per watt. The price per watt (PPW) is whopping compared with equally rated solar panels. The solar panels with competitive price per watt would cost half the amount Tesla promises, which leaves us to the final argument, which is aesthetics.


Tesla solar roofs score more in aesthetics than any solar panel manufacturer ever thinks of. The purpose-built solar tiles with custom-picked 3D designs are no match to analogous solar panel designs. With good looks come sturdiness, at least for Tesla. Also, Tesla solar tiles are reportedly the most robust solar panels that ever got laid on rooftops. These tiles are many times stronger and more beautiful than run-of-mill solar panels. If you are an aesthetic with an excess of $30,000, pre-book Tesla Solar Tiles now with a $1000 advance money. If you aren’t that appearance-savvy, stick with the solar panels.


Tesla solar tiles have had several delays regarding design, production, and launching issues. With more delays on cards, it is quite risky to pre-order without evidence of practicality. Still, Tesla Solar Panels are the future of better-integrated solar technology that won’t look ugly or a bit odd when installed on residential rooftops. With multivariance in coloring, design, and technology, Tesla Solar Panels are bound to succeed, definitely in the future if not this year.