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Unity Solar Group News

At USG, we don’t just install solar panels, we impact communities! Learn more about our latest solar news and initiatives!

Unity Solar Group News

At USG, we don’t just install solar panels, we impact communities! Learn more about our latest solar news and initiatives!

We are the choice of

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Why Us


Top Notch Solution

Essential details such as permitting and inspections.



We offer only high-quality, efficient solar energy systems.


Qualified staff

Our installers are licensed, bonded and insured.


Proven experience

Warranties for equipment extend up to 25 years.


low cost maintenance

We even offer semi-yearly panel maintenance at competitive rates.


Maximum warranties

14 years in the energy business


More Energy for greater savings


in durability for peace of mind

25 years

industry-leading complete system warranty*

How Do I Participate?


You can purchase a solar power system by paying cash upfront or financing it. When you purchase a solar panel system


With a leased system, someone else purchases the system and installs it on your roof. When you lease a Solar Panel System


In a typical Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) a developer pays to install a system on your property at little to no cost to you


How do I know solar is right for my home or business?

It depends on the available roof space you have, the amount of shading on the roof, and the orientation of the roof. Click Here and we can do a quick assessment for you.

Will I be independent of the grid?

You will always be connected to the grid and there will always be a minimal monthly connection fee from your utility company. However, the advantage of solar energy is that you can generate it yourself (well, actually, the sun generates it, but you know what we mean). Your home or business will use this electricity to power your appliances and electronics. If your home or business needs any extra energy, it will draw that from the grid.

But, with solar there is an upside to the grid connection as well, and that is called “net metering”, which we described above. Certain states and utility companies offer net metering as a form of incentive. Without net metering and being tied to the grid, you can’t be credited with the extra power your system generates.

What about battery storage?

Energy storage technology is evolving quickly. Contact us for the latest offerings.

Will I still have one electric bill?

Because you will still be connected to the grid, you will have two electric bills even if your solar array produces more energy than you consume. You will get one bill from your utility company and another for the solar. The goal of course is to have the total of both bills be less than your current bill.

How long does installation take?

One to four days, depending on the complexity of the project. Then after any required local inspections, your system will be activated.

What if I have to move?

You can pay off the solar system when you sell your home, or you can transfer it to the new home or business owner. Many people use the value of the solar array as a negotiating tool when selling.