What is Illinois Solar for All?

Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) brings affordable solar energy, more savings, and a brighter tomorrow to families and communities throughout Illinois.

Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) is a state program that brings the benefits of solar energy to income-eligible households, non-profit organizations, and public facilities. Eligible participants can receive affordable solar installations and save money on electric bills. The State of Illinois offers this program to meet its renewable energy goals and to bring the expansion of solar energy to income-eligible and environmental justice communities. The program reduces the impact of climate change in communities across the state.

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Benefits of ILSFA program

Guaranteed Savings!

ILSFA ensures that all qualified participants see savings on their energy bills. Because you will be using electricity generated from the solar project, you will pay less in electric bills. If you generate more electricity than you use, that electricity is sent back to the electric grid. When this happens, you receive a bill credits for that energy, also known as net metering credits.

No cost out of the pocket!

USG does not charge any installation fees for participants in the ILSFA program. Once all the paperwork is completed, our team will come to your location and install the solar panels at no cost within 1-3 days!

System ownership in 5-7 years!

After 5-7 years, the solar system becomes yours for just $1!

Premium equipment & Long term project life!

We use only premium equipment for our installations, ensuring that the panels on your roof will look incredibly sleek!


As Approved Vendor we are responsible for providing warranties to the customer for 15 years. We are responsible for the installation, O&M, Roof leakages and system production.

Am I Eligible?

Households must meet income-eligibility requirements. Income-eligible households are defined as those whose income does not exceed 80% area medium income (AMI). You can pre-qualify for the program below!

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Enter your monthly energy bill to calculate your potential savings.

Explore the opportunity to reduce your energy expenses and enhance your financial well-being each month by utilizing our comprehensive green energy calculator. This intuitive tool, provided as a courtesy by our company, is designed to help you uncover the significant savings you could achieve by making the switch to sustainable energy solutions.

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