Benefits of Battery Storage for Commercial Solar

Site Supply Backup/UPS

Ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages, safeguarding your company's operations.

Improved Energy Resilience

Automatically provide a reliable power supply during electrical interruptions, without the need for diesel-based solutions.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Maximize the use of renewables, drawing from battery storage during periods of insufficient solar power production.

Electricity Price Arbitrage/Reduced Energy Costs

Store energy during off-peak times and use it during high-price periods, significantly reducing electricity expenses

Maximizing Renewable Energy

Ensure surplus renewable energy is efficiently stored and utilized, minimizing waste.

Improved Power Quality

Grid-connected battery storage systems enhance power quality, regulating voltage and frequency and stabilizing the electric grid

Improved Financial Performance

Benefit from significant financial rewards through Demand Side Response by using your battery during peak demand periods.

MIC/MEC Management

Smart battery control systems automatically respond to MIC/MEC limits, avoiding charges and fees.