Illinois’ community solar program allows electricity customers to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without installing panels on their own homes.

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    What are the requirements to subscribe to a solar farm?
    • Have an active electricity service in a participating utility zone (ex: ComEd, Ameren Illinois)
    • That’s it! Being an electricity customer in a participating utility zone qualifies you for community solar!
    Where are the solar panels located?

    They are located on rooftops and land all across Illinois, so there is no need for you to install solar panels on your property!

    How is community solar different from rooftop solar?

    With community solar, clean energy is produced and distributed to the grid off-site while rooftop solar is physically installed on-site at your property, which then produces and distributes clean energy to the grid.

    How many live solar farms are there currently?

    Currently, 120+ live community solar farms across Illinois

    What is the term of my subscription?

    Depending on the project developer, subscription term and conditions may vary. In Illinois, businesses hold a greater risk for developers versus renters and homeowners, thus resulting in a minimum 3 – 5 year subscription term versus no minimum term for renters and homeowners.

    Is early termination of your subscription permitted for reasons other than moving outside of your electric utility service territory?

    Yes, if you are closing your business or have any need to terminate, you are allowed to do so. There is no requirement to join or keep this subscription. Subscribers are encouraged to join and support local clean energy development.

    How are solar credits applied to my bill? To the whole bill or just a portion?

    The bill credits from your energy usage allocated from the solar farm are automatically applied to your monthly utility bill, reducing the total amount due.

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    Are there any hidden fees?